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Keeping up-to-date with labor law posting requirements is a difficult task that all employers are required to undertake. This can be a time-consuming process that most businesses do not have the patience, resources or know-how to accomplish successfully. Our Labor Law Poster Solutions take the worry, headache and uncertainty out of posting compliance while protecting your business year-round.

Included with our Labor Law Poster Solutions:

  • Laminated, up-to-date, attorney-approved All In One State and Federal Labor Law Posters with QR codes and posting legends for simple compliance tracking.
  • Access to any city and county labor law notices that are required for your business location.
  • Automatic updates every time changes occur in city, county, state or federal posting requirements.
  • $25,000 Fine Guarantee.
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Why do you need to post current labor laws?

  • They are required by law. All employers with at least one paid employee are required to post mandatory city, county, state and federal labor law notices.
  • Failure to post up-to-date labor law notices can result in hefty fines or lawsuits. The federal notices alone carry over $34,000 in combined penalties.
  • Proper posting can strengthen a legal defense in the case of a lawsuit or employee dispute.
  • Labor law posting requirements can change at any time. Since 2013, there has been an average of over 100 posting updates per year.
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I have used several payroll services over 25 years including local and the nation’s largest, but honestly, nothing comes close to what Tierney’s has done for us. They are what we needed – reliable, accurate, responsive, local and fast – and a big relief for us. Tom has been a source for good advice on a number of topics.

Back at the end of 2017 we made a switch in payroll processing from a large corporate structured payroll processor to Tierney Pension Administration. The transition took some work but it was well planned out and Thomas Tierney personally came to our business on multiple occasions to make sure we were on the right track to a smooth transition at the beginning of 2018. We had some modifications/tweaks to make within the first couple of weeks but none of the changes were major and they were quickly resolved. The last couple of years have been pretty routine and Tierney Pension Administration knows what they are doing and are available with reports and support for unemployment insurance, quarterly disability reports, NYS and Federal tax filings, etc. Our employees have had only minor issues getting their paystubs online and the setup for access to online payment information is secure and reliable. Quick resolutions are the norm with Tierney and that makes my life as the HR/Payroll/Benefits person so much easier. I have no complaints about Tierney Pension Administration and I recommend them as a reliable and secure payroll services provider. The switch to a smaller, FLX owned company was a really smart move.

It was after a very bad experience with another company we fell, luckily, upon Tom Tierney’s Payroll and Pensions service.

I have been pleased having Tom Tierney help us get back on track with our daily bookkeeping and payroll. His staff is always available to answer a variety of questions with professional and quick service.

I can’t say enough good about the relationship we have with Tom and his staff.

When my husband and I opened a restaurant many years ago, neither of us knew much about payroll processing. Tom walked us through every step of the process and has been beside us through the multiple new endeavors along the way. We have always been impressed with his high level of customer service and knowledge in the small business industry. Anytime we have a question or issue they respond immediately to solve the problem.  They truly go above and beyond their services, which most importantly allows us more time to spend on what we do best.

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