Generally, yes. Your employer’s plan document will dictate whether rollover contributions are allowed into the plan and whether you must satisfy the plan’s general eligibility requirements prior to being eligible to roll this money into the plan. Most plans allow rollover contributions. In this way you can consolidate your retirement accounts into one plan and receive one benefit statement reflecting this money. The rollover contribution also avoids current taxation otherwise levied on plan distributions because you are depositing this money into another tax-deferred vehicle.

Please check with your plan’s Plan Administrator or your Summary Plan Description for further details. If rollovers are allowed and you have met the requirements proceed as follows. First, complete distribution paperwork from your prior 401(k) plan. This paperwork should have a section that must be completed for distributions that will be rolled into another qualified retirement plan. Once you have received the rollover check from the prior 401(k) plan you must complete a rollover form that indicates which funds you would like the plan Trustee to deposit the rollover amount by completing a rollover form.

A rollover form is available in the FORMS section of our website. You will need to obtain the Client Identification number from your Plan Administrator in order to access this form and may also need to download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader software to view and print these forms. A link to the Adobe website is available in the FORMS section for your convenience.